Virtual Prototyping of Complex Fluids and Flowing Materials

Virtual Prototyping as a powerful tool in R&D on Complex Fluids and other Flowing Materials

High-fidelity simulations are extremely powerful tools to understand, predict, and improve the rheology and transport of complex fluids and their processing. They provide quantitative insight into the microstructural origins of rheological effects shown by many complex fluids. Existing material formulations can be better understood and new ones can be prototyped without elaborate synthesis and wet-lab experiments. EAL works at the forefront of this technology, pushing its boundaries, and translates it to solutions in scientific and industrial contexts.

pharma mixertoothpasteferrofluidfoodstuffpaintslurry pumping
Examples of complex fluids with very specific rheology and transport properties are: pharmaceutical components in a mixer, care products, ferrofluids, foodstuff, paint, and slurries.