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About us

Electric Ant Lab is moving R&D from the lab to the laptop. We do so by providing intuitive Simulation-as-a-Service tools with novel scientific models of materials, complex computing methods, massive amounts of data and high-performance computing. On-demand and scalable. Which means we develop, host and run pretty complex and forward thinking code and a complex back-end with a number of sub-services.

Our company and our research has been backed by EU subsidies and since the start of this year by a growing community of innovative companies in the med-tech and chemical industries. These are companies that gradually understand that simulations of complex fluids with HPC resources provide the means for a better understanding and faster development of their products and materials.

Our offer

We offer a fair compensation and secondary package. We’re located at the Science Park Amsterdam, a very inspiring environment with start-ups and research institutes in the eastern part of town.

Current vacancies

Have a look at our jobs page for our current vacancies.

Applications can be sent direclty through that page as well.

If you wish to send us an Open Application, you can reach us by