Job: SaaS back-end developer (python, linux)

SaaS back-end developer (python, linux)

We are looking for multiple talented team members. Back-end developers with the right skill sets, determination and a self-starting attitude. If you’re not interested in being just a small gear in a huge established team, we could be the right fit for you. If building elegant solutions for pretty complex problems and scientific models sounds appealing to you, keep on reading.

The following experience is relevant to us:

  • Python
  • Networking
  • API development
  • Linux/docker containers
  • (computational) Workflows
  • (computation/request) Queueing
  • Databases (various)
  • Some linux administration (Debian)
  • Compute/storage infrastructure
  • Some web development (front and/or backend) and hosting

A bonus would be (some) experience with:

  • Jupyter notebook
  • Computational physics/chemistry/biology

The back-end and front-end team that we are currently forming will be replacing the prototype development team that got us here in the first place. You’ll have quite some freedom to operate and lead the way in our SaaS back-end code, as long as your code serves the team and the purpose of our services, now and in the future.