Demo of RheoCube at Industrial Technologies 2016

Together with Ioniqa Technologies and SURFsara, we will be presenting a demo of our high-fidelity virtual complex fluids rheometer RheoCube at the Industrial Technologies conference. You can find us and our partners at booth D6 in the RAI in Amsterdam from the 22nd to the 24th of June.

Electric Ant Lab receives funding through the FP7 project Fortissimo for exploration of the technological and commercial potential and feasibility of high-fidelity virtual complex-fluids rheometry in the HPC cloud. Fortissimo is part of the I4MS initiative promoted by the European Commission to support the European leadership in manufacturing through the adoption of ICT technologies.

The Industrial Technologies Conference is the largest networking conference in the field of new production technologies, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digitization in Europe. It brings together research, industry, education, finance and policy from manufacturing and process industry and technology domains from all over Europe.