Replacing up to 90% of cost-intensive synthesis and lab experiments with highly-detailed bottom-up scientific simulations.

Making virtual prototyping a reality.

High-Fidelity Material Models

We develop bottom-up scientific simulation models with high predictive power for accurate material prototyping. With a broad range of lab equipment at hand we can characterize and digitize physical material samples.

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Microfluidic and Medical Device Prototyping

With our high-fidelity particle, cells and droplet models we can assess designs and help you getting maximum performance of your devices.

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Virtual Rheometry and Microfluidics Lab

With our SaaS solutions scientists and engineers can step into a fully-equipped virtual lab and experiment with materials and microfluidic devices.



Secure High-Performance Computing

Our high-performance simulation codes run on trusted resources at ISO-certified EU HPC centers. Real high-end HPC hardware, fast and secure, not just "somewhere in the cloud".